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Facebook, Twitter… SEO… Yikes!

Just Between the Girls… needs to grow.  PINX is a fantastic product, we’d love to create new ones too! 

PINX makes it so much easier to wear the shirt you want without having to make sure you have ‘just the right bra.’  You know the one… pretty enough that if it gets spotted is ok, with enough support that ‘MOST’ of the day the buttons will lie right in line with your nipples the way they must to prevent gaping. But jeez - finding that bra is tough - testing each one with the shirt, making sure you can’t see it through the fabric either due to the color or texture… I mean - WHO HAS THAT KIND OF TIME? And honestly - who has that many bra options - I’m a solid three and if we haven’t found a winner - the shirt has to go back on the hanger. 

Anyway - back to the point - I’m trying to learn all the social media stuff… and while it is not ‘hard’ per se… there is so much of it! Also, who knows what the ‘right’ things to do are? Everything I read says something different. Its twitter, Facebook, instagram, snapchat, Amazon marketplace, SEO - deciding where to start is practically a full time job. 

I’ve decided to stop deciding and have instead selected Facebook for this month. I’m going to invest my time here this month. I’m learning how to create email lists, discount coupons, other sales incentives - all in the hopes that somewhere out there… is a gal like me - who just wants to wear her new button up Portofino shirt, without wasting ‘bra time.’ 

So - to any of you out there reading along… as I slowly figure this all out - Please “Like” us on Facebook! I promise not to post too much, and only to share the coolest things I find on the interweb.

Professional Woman’s Magazine

PINX has a full page add in Professional Woman’s Magazine! 

PINX is going to be on TV!

We just got word from Sally McGraw that PINX will be one of the product she’ll be featuring to help prevent blouse gaping on her morning news segment on KMSP Channel 9! She’ll be on the August 26th morning show. Tune in if you’re in the Twin Cities, MN area. Alternatively I hope to be able to get video and will post a link! 

Thank you all for your support! 

Search Engine Optimization... Really?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO - Words I know... sort of. I have a very good friend who does this professionally - she's amazing. She gave me a bit of time 'fo free! But SEO is one of those things you apparently have to do over time, regularly, manage, work at... yikes. I have no idea what I'm doing. 

SO... I'm trying a bunch of things that the rest of the interweb suggests will help. I've found many resources online, so THANK YOU to all who post, help, give advice... ya'll are great! 

One of the things folks suggest is getting active on your social media - who has time for that? I'd LOVE to hire a professional. Unfortunately, until we see a bit more success - its all me :) 

If you read this, and would be willing to help - please "LIKE" us on facebook at:

I'll try to share useful things, no junk. 

Thank you!!!

PINX in the News!

PINX was recently featured in an article on We are incredibly flattered and proud to be included amongst the best solutions for preventing 'busting out' of button up blouses. 


So in exciting news... we now own WWW.PINX.ME and WWW.JBTG.ME! 

Tell all your friends!! 

3 Reasons Working Women Prefer Blouses

1) They look professional. A clean, pressed button-up shirt goes with almost everything and looks put together. 

2) They compliment just about anything. Under a blazer, with a cute pencil skirt or even with trouser jeans a button up blouse adds a professional flare to any outfit. 

3) The many styles of blouse provide flexibility. Today blouses come in hundreds of styles and fabrics. Each provides an opportunity to show your unique style. 

Now on AMAZON!

PINX is now available of purchase on! We're a couple of gals who love to shop on I love days when one of their smiling boxes shows up on my doorstep! 

This link takes you to our buying page - we'd love to hear your thoughts on how it looks, and what we could do to improve the appearance! 

Buy on Amazon 



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7 Habits Revisited

As many of you know, Stephen Covey, author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People passed away recently. I first read his book when I was a teen, and honestly it didn't make much of an impression. I wanted a quick fix to make school easier I think… and his book isn't a quick fix. It is a way of life. I decided to give it another go once I'd heard of his passing… it just seemed like the right thing to do to pay my respects. Well, I am glad I did! 

The 7 Habits are: 

1. Be Proactive

2. Begin with the End in mind

3. Put First things First

4. Think Win/Win

5. Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood

6. Synergize

7. Sharpen the Saw

The 7 Habits are a way to live that no only seems to help clarify 'what the heck am I doing' but also how to live life, better and in a way that feels more meaningful to you and the people around you. 

I have tried to do all the exercises, and I discovered I'm not really living in a way that accurately demonstrates my values. Not in a ‘bad’ or dramatic way... I'm living in Europe for a while and trying to pick what's next. I'm looking for jobs and considering expanding the business into Europe etc…. What I discovered, is that while I value adventure and spontaneity and living abroad, I don't feel like I'm dedicating enough of my time resources to my family and friends. Particularly my family… I haven't lived in the same state as my family for a considerable amount of time… and I think I'd love to be closer to them. I'd love to know my brothers, nephew and God daughter better. I'd love to be involved in their lives and love to be someone they felt they could count on.  

SO… I'm going to move home. Not immediately - I have made commitments here, and I plan to honor them. They are to good friends and still honor my values of adventure, friendship, loyalty and FUN! That said, I'm going to plan to head home in the fall… and I'm excited to do it. What might have once felt like moving backward in life… now has been reframed and feels like moving home.  Thanks Mr. Covey :) 

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