Tired of your button-up shirt gaping?

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Working Women Prefer Blouses

1) They look professional. A clean, pressed button-up shirt goes with almost everything and looks put together. 

2) They compliment just about anything. Under a blazer, with a cute pencil skirt or even with trouser jeans a button up blouse adds a professional flare to any outfit. 

3) The many styles of blouse provide flexibility. Today blouses come in hundreds of styles and fabrics. Each provides an opportunity to show your unique style. 

Fashion Tips and Tricks 

2014 Fall Trend Favorites

I've been reading all over from bunches of folks - so here is a list of my 3 Favorite Fall 2014 Fashion Trends! 

Chunky Sweaters - This one is tough for me, I HATE to add bulk. My research makes me think pairing with a pair of skinny jeans is key. I'm also interested in testing belts to rock the trend but keep the waist. If any of ya'll try this email me and let me know how it goes! 

Orange Stuff! - Love this - as a former Longhorn, all burnt orange not only looks great on, but makes me so proud :) 

Leather Skirts - Psyched about this - I bought a black one, it has an interesting scallop in the front. But it sounds like all colors and lengths are good to go! think primal! 

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