Facebook, Twitter… SEO… Yikes! 

Just Between the Girls… needs to grow.  PINX is a fantastic product, we’d love to create new ones too! 

PINX makes it so much easier to wear the shirt you want without having to make sure you have ‘just the right bra.’  You know the one… pretty enough that if it gets spotted is ok, with enough support that ‘MOST’ of the day the buttons will lie right in line with your nipples the way they must to prevent gaping. But jeez - finding that bra is tough - testing each one with the shirt, making sure you can’t see it through the fabric either due to the color or texture… I mean - WHO HAS THAT KIND OF TIME? And honestly - who has that many bra options - I’m a solid three and if we haven’t found a winner - the shirt has to go back on the hanger. 

Anyway - back to the point - I’m trying to learn all the social media stuff… and while it is not ‘hard’ per se… there is so much of it! Also, who knows what the ‘right’ things to do are? Everything I read says something different. Its twitter, Facebook, instagram, snapchat, Amazon marketplace, SEO - deciding where to start is practically a full time job. 

I’ve decided to stop deciding and have instead selected Facebook for this month. I’m going to invest my time here this month. I’m learning how to create email lists, discount coupons, other sales incentives - all in the hopes that somewhere out there… is a gal like me - who just wants to wear her new button up Portofino shirt, without wasting ‘bra time.’ 

So - to any of you out there reading along… as I slowly figure this all out - Please “Like” us on Facebook! I promise not to post too much, and only to share the coolest things I find on the interweb.

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