Fashion Tips & Tricks 

SPING 2016

Spring 2016 has brought some of my favorite fashion back to the forefront! I am PUMPED! 

1) Flare jeans are back! YAY - I’m struggling to find any that aren’t ‘stretchy’ denim. Silver has a very decent pair I might buy - but for now I’m keeping my eye out for some 100% cotton, non-stretchy denim ones. I know - retro - but that’s the point, right? 

2) I am also excited to report that I’ve seen GREAT button-up shirts in all my favorite stores. Express has two or three that I LOVE both the shape and patterns - their Portofino is so classic - I bought two - and think I’m going to head back for two more! Though I’ve seen a couple other stores with similar type shirts - so I may see if anyone has one that’s just a bit more fitted and bit less… transparent :D 

3) Finally - I’m excited that ORANGE is ‘big’ for spring. I don’t wear it particularly well… but I love it. Warm, cheerful - whenever I can pull a bit of orange into my outfit - I’m happy! 

Not excited about… the return of lingerie as clothing, I barely pulled it off in the late 90’s when it was trendy last - my oldness isn’t going to help any now. 

Fall 2015!

It is about to be fall! It is 100% without a doubt my favorite time of year. I love the crisping air, the golden, orange and red leaves. The smell of hot cocoa, fires burning and the start of Football season. I also love fall fashion - the colors are flattering for my skin tone, and I love cozy clothes. This year, I struggled to find the upcoming fall trends… Usually when I check everyone references a similar list with a few differences, but I can pick and choose my favorites and those that I think are practical for me to insert into my current wardrobe. But this year it seemed like all the big guys reporting from the fashion shows had 100 different things to say, and none really spoke to me… That was until I found the Vogue page. So… I’m mostly referencing their top trends and filtering my favorites. 

This fall I’ll be including these things in my wardrobe: 

  • A touch of Fur!  I have great boots with fur liners and cuffs. I am also going to reattach the fur muff to a puffer vest I love. 
  • A statement white blouse! I love a classic, toss in some bling with a pretty broach or high fancy collar and this staple is going to shine this year.
  • A nod to the Victorian… This one threw me for a bit of a loop… at least until I flipped through a bunch of the looks from the runways. This victorian nod comes in the form of delicate lace additions, high collars and other subtly victorian elements. I’m getting married this year, and my long sleeve, all lace gown is definitely gives the victorian era props. I’m going to look for a couple more items to round out my fall closet, perhaps another lace dress or top. If you have just the one send me a message! 

Washing my face with oil... Yep its happening!


So I Pinterest... a lot! AND I've been trying to avoid all those yucky chemicals we interact with... washing the house with vinegar mixes, eating grass fed/free range meats, all organic no hormone dairy. Now those two things have let me to Washing My Face with OIL! Yes - OIL - the same stuff people use to cook or aid digestion. 

At first I cringed when I thought of this, but then I read my face wash bottle, and though - sure, why not try to get rid of "xoieruwei3nsoer osihfheirweoi oxidate"... (Yes, I made that up, but you get the idea.) 

I researched on Pinterest, and after finding another blog which gave great details (posted below) I bought castor oil at Walgreens, grapeseed oil at TJMaxx, and Tea Tree oil at my local co-op grocery. Then mixed half and half castor and Grapeseed oils, and added a few drops of Tea Tree oil - just until I like the amount of sent it provided. 

I usually was only in the shower, unless I'm using make-up (which I only do when I'm working with clients or going out with my fella.). So in the shower its super easy, I squeeze a bit in my palm - I like about a quarter size, because I like to massage it around my face - it feels really nice and relaxing. Then I take a washcloth and step out of the spray - crank the heat and get the cloth as hot as I can stand. After returning the temp back to normal I wipe the excess oil off and getting a gentle little scrub in. 

SO... things to be aware of - immediately after wiping off - you're still going to feel oily. Water beads on your hands and feels like it beads on your face. It kinda feels... gross. But - by the time you towel dry off - that is completely 100% gone. Even after the first time I felt like my skin glowed! My pores looked cleaner, and my face felt pleasantly dry. I was AMAZED! When I'm home in MN I still occasionally use coconut oil or another face moisturizer - its super duper dry in the winter. But when I'm visiting clients in a more humid place - I'm done right after my shower. 

Benefits - the three I can think of are 

1) Price - Total spent to date 12 bucks. Oil provided - about 2 months worth I think. My previous face wash was $30+ for the same length of time. 

2) Wrinkles - I think my eye wrinkles are fading!!! The oil makes my face feel smoother, and I think its super moisturizing away my wrinkles. I have no proof - except when I look in the mirror - there seem to be fewer wrinkles. 

3) Weirdness Working - I love to try things, be a little cutting edge, AND feel clever doing it - this give me all three. I'm embracing my inner granola crunchy :) 

Questions I've been asked: 

What about make-up??? Well when I rinse most of it goes away, and the oil really gets rid of all the rest. Won't lie... I don't understand it - and it feels a little bit like magic. Delightful, clean face, wrinkle reducing magic! 

How long until I see the benefits? I saw benefits after my first wash, but now a couple of weeks in, I'm LOVING how my skin looks! My pores seem smaller, and are definitely cleaner. I'm considering going in for a facial just so I can show off to someone who cares :)  

Links to the articles/blogs I used:

Winter/Spring 2015

So, what should I add to my collection this season? Here's what I've found so far... Please share/comment if you have any suggestions I should consider. 

1) booties - yes, I know these are NEW per se... but it seems like we're wearing them differently then when I first bouth my booties. Previously, I was very anti exposing the short boot - hiding it behind jeans, fearing it was cutting my legs and making me appear shorter. Lately though - paired with a cute dress and leggings or tights - I'm loving the look. 

2) Fringe??? I'm not sure - I think when/if I jump into fringe, I'm going to go as subtle as I can. I did fringe last time it was on trend, and a friend told me once - you can really on do a trend once. After that... leave it to the young'uns. Thoughts? Should we embrace it if we've done it before? How do you do fringe subtly? 

3) Overalls... are they reall back in??? I reject this as a trend. YES some gals look fantastic in these supremely comfortable articles of clothing... I am not one of them. My curvy figure is completely hidden and I just like a Marshemellow - though perhaps a denim marshmellow. 

4) The Poncho... yeah, again - I'm just not sure I can rock this look once again. Last time I rocked a poncho it felt like I was 'trying too hard.' If I could just pull of that Carrie Bradshaw cool in a poncho. I may try again - something more subtle. A chunky sweatery style wrap feels right for me... I'll definitely be on the look out for something with a little structure and wrap. I'll keep you posted if I find anything. Let me know if you have just the thing I should try.  

5) Red all over!!! This I can get behind. I love wearing red, and I'm down for trying to put together something red all over! A cute red dress, red tights with a cute pattern, and a red leather blazer... Done! 

6) The white button-up shirt! An absolute favorite. This classic look has tons of options this season. I love how professional I feel wearing a crisp white shirt, and while gapping buttons USED to keep me cringing when button-ups were back, PINX keeps me from avoiding this 2015 trend. YAY!!

7) And finally the shirtdress - SO done - this style I believe to be the most flattering on me... and I have a bunch to pull out and rock. I worry occationally about going too 1960's stewardess - but hey - they looked great so I'm in! 

Please let me know if I missed anything!  

3 Favorit Fall Trends 2014

I've been reading all over from bunches of folks - so here is a list of my 3 Favorite Fall 2014 Fashion Trends! 

  • Chunky Sweaters - This one is tough for me, I HATE to add bulk. My research makes me think pairing with a pair of skinny jeans is key. I'm also interested in testing belts to rock the trend but keep the waist. If any of ya'll try this email me and let me know how it goes! 
  • Orange Stuff! - Love this - as a former Longhorn, all burnt orange not only looks great on, but makes me so proud :) 
  • Leather Skirts - Psyched about this - I bought a black one, it has an interesting scallop in the front. But it sounds like all colors and lengths are good to go - think primal! 

The Tribal Skirt

So... for the last two years, I've been trying to find the 'right' mini. I'm no spring chicken, so I can't get one that's TOOO mini, but I also don't want it to look frumpy. I want it to be casual... but not cheap... I want it to be earthy tones - maybe even blues and greens... and I kinda found it a couple of times. Once it was too short, once it was just cut for someone without hips (I'm no spring chicken - I have hips, and they don't lie)... and I recently almost found it at Banana Republic - except it has sequins all over it. That's not the look I'm going for either. What am I to do? Settle? Keep searching until I don't really want it any more? Find a suitable alternative? 

So... today's blog post is not just about my pursuit of a skirt — its about knowing what you want and then figuring out how to get it. 

Sometimes we have a look we want to achieve. Whether is something you saw someone else wear, saw it in a magazine, remembers something from 'way back' or just thought of an idea of what would look fabulous. When that happens - I say, stick with it! Find the just right pieces to pull together that look. Not only will you be satisfied that you were able to pull together just what you wanted, but when you wear it you'll feel confident that you're portraying just what you want to the world and people around you. 

Ali's Tip of the day!

The FASHIONABLE partial shirt tuck! 

Its back ladies — partially tucking that lovely blouse, to show of your waist with carefree style! And it is looking as GOOD as ever! Here are a couple of styles you can use when tucking... 

1) The Front Tuck - just tuck in the front of your blouse, this "mullet" of shirt tucking is fantastic for emphasizing your waist, without making it a focal point. The "party in the back" also gives a little coverage on the sides and around the rear which, lets face it, somedays could use a little hiding. 

2) The Half Tuck - tuck in half the front of your blouse. This does triple duty, in showing of your waist, hiding what may need hiding, AND gives that uber cool, undone look. 

Tips we love from InStyle

1. Show Skin Strategically - Looking truly sexy involves knowing what to bare - and what to keep under wraps. 

2. Round up White Button-Downs - They elevate jeans and keep ball skirts from drifting into fantasy-land. So buy three! 

3. Have a Stylist Emergency Kit - PINX for loose hems or a gaping bodice, Tide to go eraser pen for getting wine off whites fast, PINX for all over damage control! 

Find these and more at:,,20398276_20522658_21045275,00.html

Quality is Job 1

Test the quality of cashmere by gently stretching the body of the garment to see if it snaps back. A lower-quality cashmere won’t.

- A simple test to determine if gold accessories are real or plated is to use a magnet. Real gold, isn't magnetic. 

To test whether lined clothes are high quality ensure the lining isn't tight. Instead, a well made lining will hang with a bit of give so it doesn't rip or tear.

Shoes Edition!

 - To stretch tight shoes: Place a freezer strength bag of water in each shoe and place in the freezer. As the water freezes, it’ll gently expand your shoes.

- Break in stiff flats: Put on thick socks and blast with a hot hairdryer. Voila! 

- Make your legs look longer in a skirt by wearing heals a similar color to your skin. 

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