Search Engine Optimization... Really? 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO - Words I know... sort of. I have a very good friend who does this professionally - she's amazing. She gave me a bit of time 'fo free! But SEO is one of those things you apparently have to do over time, regularly, manage, work at... yikes. I have no idea what I'm doing. 

SO... I'm trying a bunch of things that the rest of the interweb suggests will help. I've found many resources online, so THANK YOU to all who post, help, give advice... ya'll are great! 

One of the things folks suggest is getting active on your social media - who has time for that? I'd LOVE to hire a professional. Unfortunately, until we see a bit more success - its all me :) 

If you read this, and would be willing to help - please "LIKE" us on facebook at:

I'll try to share useful things, no junk. 

Thank you!!!

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