Ali's Tip of the day! 

The FASHIONABLE partial shirt tuck! 

Its back ladies — partially tucking that lovely blouse, to show of your waist with carefree style! And it is looking as GOOD as ever! Here are a couple of styles you can use when tucking... 

1) The Front Tuck - just tuck in the front of your blouse, this "mullet" of shirt tucking is fantastic for emphasizing your waist, without making it a focal point. The "party in the back" also gives a little coverage on the sides and around the rear which, lets face it, somedays could use a little hiding. 

2) The Half Tuck - tuck in half the front of your blouse. This does triple duty, in showing of your waist, hiding what may need hiding, AND gives that uber cool, undone look. 

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