Washing my face with oil... Yep its happening! 


So I Pinterest... a lot! AND I've been trying to avoid all those yucky chemicals we interact with... washing the house with vinegar mixes, eating grass fed/free range meats, all organic no hormone dairy. Now those two things have let me to Washing My Face with OIL! Yes - OIL - the same stuff people use to cook or aid digestion. 

At first I cringed when I thought of this, but then I read my face wash bottle, and though - sure, why not try to get rid of "xoieruwei3nsoer osihfheirweoi oxidate"... (Yes, I made that up, but you get the idea.) 

I researched on Pinterest, and after finding another blog which gave great details (posted below) I bought castor oil at Walgreens, grapeseed oil at TJMaxx, and Tea Tree oil at my local co-op grocery. Then mixed half and half castor and Grapeseed oils, and added a few drops of Tea Tree oil - just until I like the amount of sent it provided. 

I usually was only in the shower, unless I'm using make-up (which I only do when I'm working with clients or going out with my fella.). So in the shower its super easy, I squeeze a bit in my palm - I like about a quarter size, because I like to massage it around my face - it feels really nice and relaxing. Then I take a washcloth and step out of the spray - crank the heat and get the cloth as hot as I can stand. After returning the temp back to normal I wipe the excess oil off and getting a gentle little scrub in. 

SO... things to be aware of - immediately after wiping off - you're still going to feel oily. Water beads on your hands and feels like it beads on your face. It kinda feels... gross. But - by the time you towel dry off - that is completely 100% gone. Even after the first time I felt like my skin glowed! My pores looked cleaner, and my face felt pleasantly dry. I was AMAZED! When I'm home in MN I still occasionally use coconut oil or another face moisturizer - its super duper dry in the winter. But when I'm visiting clients in a more humid place - I'm done right after my shower. 

Benefits - the three I can think of are 

1) Price - Total spent to date 12 bucks. Oil provided - about 2 months worth I think. My previous face wash was $30+ for the same length of time. 

2) Wrinkles - I think my eye wrinkles are fading!!! The oil makes my face feel smoother, and I think its super moisturizing away my wrinkles. I have no proof - except when I look in the mirror - there seem to be fewer wrinkles. 

3) Weirdness Working - I love to try things, be a little cutting edge, AND feel clever doing it - this give me all three. I'm embracing my inner granola crunchy :) 

Questions I've been asked: 

What about make-up??? Well when I rinse most of it goes away, and the oil really gets rid of all the rest. Won't lie... I don't understand it - and it feels a little bit like magic. Delightful, clean face, wrinkle reducing magic! 

How long until I see the benefits? I saw benefits after my first wash, but now a couple of weeks in, I'm LOVING how my skin looks! My pores seem smaller, and are definitely cleaner. I'm considering going in for a facial just so I can show off to someone who cares :)  

Links to the articles/blogs I used: 



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