The Tribal Skirt

So... for the last two years, I've been trying to find the 'right' mini. I'm no spring chicken, so I can't get one that's TOOO mini, but I also don't want it to look frumpy. I want it to be casual... but not cheap... I want it to be earthy tones - maybe even blues and greens... and I kinda found it a couple of times. Once it was too short, once it was just cut for someone without hips (I'm no spring chicken - I have hips, and they don't lie)... and I recently almost found it at Banana Republic - except it has sequins all over it. That's not the look I'm going for either. What am I to do? Settle? Keep searching until I don't really want it any more? Find a suitable alternative? 

So... today's blog post is not just about my pursuit of a skirt — its about knowing what you want and then figuring out how to get it. 

Sometimes we have a look we want to achieve. Whether is something you saw someone else wear, saw it in a magazine, remembers something from 'way back' or just thought of an idea of what would look fabulous. When that happens - I say, stick with it! Find the just right pieces to pull together that look. Not only will you be satisfied that you were able to pull together just what you wanted, but when you wear it you'll feel confident that you're portraying just what you want to the world and people around you. 

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